Illustrations and Formatting

Combing through Fiverr and Upwork makes it clear to me there is no shortage of talented illustrators for children’s books.  However, the monumental task of finding the ‘best’ candidates and repeating the process for formatting and cover design is daunting. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the website and decided to set up a free author consultation. I was able to schedule a meeting for the next morning. 

GetYourBookIllustrations offers a one-stop-shop for illustrations, formatting, font, and cover design, as well as a variety of illustration styles from which to choose.  My consultation and additional follow up was well-organized and professional.

During the consultation we talked about my vision for the book including style and print size.  I found it difficult to explain exactly the illustration style I was going for, so we spent quite a bit of time going back and forth discussing style and looking at sketches.

After much thought I moved forward and signed the contract.  

My agreement includes

  • Illustrations – 2 single page and 14 double-page spreads
  • Formatting and design for both print and ebook versions
  • Cover design for both print and ebook. 

Up next: character design!

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