Revisions and Building a Website

While the manuscript is away for editing, my role turns to purchasing ISBNs and obtaining a Library of Congress number for the book.  Buying the ISBNs in bulk costs more upfront but saves money on future publications – assuming there will be future publications! Each format of the book – hardback, softcover, and digital – requires its own ISBN. The Library of Congress requires an account set up and then approval of the account prior to getting the number.  In late May 2020, the approval process took a few days, which seemed to be longer than usual and most likely due to COVID.

I need a web-based landing site for the book, so it is time to establish a website. After much thought, I chose to name my self-publishing company Lemon Drop Press and to stick with that name for the website. The name is appealing to me because it is short, easy to pronounce, easy to spell and lemon drops are a delicious treat! During this period of time I purchase the domain name, file for an LLC, and begin to build the website . 

I receive Marcy’s initial edits and begin to revise based on her feedback. We are using Google Docs, so once the document is shared it is easy to edit and respond to comments as they appear. Most of the edits were minor, but we went back and forth over a scene near the end. This was an important practice for me, clearly illustrating the need to have a fresh set of eyes reading the manuscript. 

After several rounds of editing and revisions, the manuscript is in a good place. I am ready to begin working with an illustrator.

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