Cover Design and Formating

Designing and approving the cover was a delightful process.  Early on, I decided to re-use one of the interior illustrations instead of commissioning a brand new scene. I have fond memories of coming across the cover illustration while reading with my children; they were thrilled to discover the same image inside the book – it was like a treasure hunt. 

GetYourBook Illustrations was able to take the illustration I selected and make it look amazing on the cover. For both hardback and paperback books, the ‘cover’ consists of both the book’s front and back. The ebook has only a front cover. A glowing lighthouse enhanced the book title; the back cover includes a book summary and the bar code. 

Initially, I was drawn to a landscape format to capture Lake Superior’s sweeping views; however, I ran into a snag when it was time to upload in this format. Ingram (hardback) was able to accommodate this size, but KDP (paperback) was not. In the end, I decided to move hardback, paperback, and ebook to a square 8.5-inch design. Reformatting took a few extra days but was well worth the effort to have a consistent size across the different platforms.