Finalizing the Storyboard

The illustrator and I go through the review and comment exercise with storyboards three more times.  Round II still required some pretty detailed feedback on background scenery and lining up the illustrations with the text. There are some things that right away I realize are out of the ordinary.  For example, the dog is resting on boulders, and the family is standing on the lift bridge. These sketches don’t match my vision and are not in line with reality. 

Round III is much closer to my vision, and my comments focus on finer details. Comments center on what the characters are doing and their position on each page. For instance, in one scene, the boy and dad are looking at something, so I want them to be slightly bent; in another, mom looks a bit robotic, and I leave precise comments on how to adjust her posture. I have found photographs to be particularly helpful as they indeed are worth 1,000 words. 

I approved the round IV storyboard! Next, we are on to more detailed sketches. Looking back, I am very grateful for this process as it forced me to reflect and direct and prevented a lot of misinterpretations. 

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