Finalizing the Interior

Now that the detailed sketches are complete, the focus moves to color illustrations. I want the colors to be representative of Lake Superior and the surrounding area, but also playful. The story progresses from afternoon to evening, so I direct the illustrator to have the sky get dark gradually, setting up the final scene at dusk.

The pinnacle of the story is the sunset, and I want the page to be dramatic. The first color illustration includes a setting sun, but none of the show-stopping drama I envisioned. After a few iterations, I am satisfied – the picture matches the text. 

Choosing the font was fun! I was able to select from several options and identified one that was playful and whimsical. How satisfying to finally see the words match up with the illustrations! Not surprisingly, I needed some text edits at this point. I removed some phrases that didn’t serve the story and even added a word to add clarity. 

After spending quite a bit of time thinking of my ‘about the author’ headshot, I decided to have the illustrator draw me. I like the playful aspect of having myself illustrated, and having it created by the book illustrator made a cohesive package.